Frequently Asked Questions

How we can help you?

We recommend consulting with your health care practitioner before attempting cold water exposure, and do not recommend it to anyone with pre-existing health conditions.

It’s recommended to build up your tolerance overtime. You can start with water at 10 celcius, and slowly decrease the temperature, as you increase the time starting at 30 second exposures.

 It takes 2 minutes to inflate and deflate the tub.

You can lower the temperature to whatever is comfortable for you. We recommend starting at 10 celsius for beginners, and working your way to the ideal temperature of 3 celsius.

As often as you would like! However it is recommended to do 3-5 sessions per week, totalling to 11 minutes of cold water exposure per week.

Depending on the tub size you purchase, and the starting temperature of the water in each tub, it can take anywhere from 1 to 6 hours. You can even start the chiller remotely with our app so it's perfectly chilled right in time for your cold plunge session!.

Our cold plunge tubs are made with military grade dropstitch material - this is what inflatable kayaks are made with, so you can feel safe knowing that regular normal use should keep the tub in good condition.

You can use ice to make the water cold, or use the Nü Breath Chiller to cool down the water.

Our chiller contains an ozone sanitation system and 20 micron filter - and you can also use a spa/pool sanitation kit if you are using the tub without a chiller.

Yes, the tub can be left outside all year round. The fluctuations in temperature may cause for fluctuations in the PSI of the tub - we recommend topping it off once a week. 

You may open the water outlet and drain it that way, or you can connect a hose to direct the water drainage where you would like.

We recommend inflating the tub to 10 PSI.

The Chiller requires a standard US 120v/60hz power supply on a 15 amp circuit. We recommend that this circuit be dedicated for the Nü Breath Chiller as it may trip the circuit breaker if shared with other large appliances such as a refrigerator. The Chiller is NOT multi-voltage and cannot be used in countries that do not supply 120v/60hz power.
However, if you're located outside of Canada/USA and would like one of our Chillers, get in contact with us so we can order the correct voltage for your country!

Our chiller can cool the water to 3 degrees Celsius and even heat the water to 42 Celsius.

The ideal working environment for the chiller is 1-35 degrees Celsius.

Depending on the tub size you purchase, and the starting temperature of the water in each tub, it can take anywhere from 1 to 6 hours. You can even start the chiller remotely with our app so it's perfectly chilled right in time for your cold plunge session!

Yes! You just need to install our app in the Apple app store or Android Google Play store.

Our chiller uses an Ozone sanitation system and 20 micron filter.

Yes, you can use the chiller outside. The ideal working environment is between 1-35 degrees celsius. Outside of that temperature will largely reduce the efficacy of the chiller.

The amount of electricity that The Nü Breath Chiller uses is very dependent on the ambient temperature, the set point of the water temperature, if it is placed in direct sunlight, and how often it is changed from cold to hot or vice versa. In addition, the unit is capable of being programmed to minimize the amount of time it is at the coldest (or hottest) temperature which saves significant energy consumption. In general, we expect costs to be less than $1 per day.

We offer a standard 1 year warranty which covers manufacturers defects, but does not cover misuse.

Yes, please contact us at info@nubreath.cafor any customizations.

Yes, please contact us at for distributor pricing.

Please contact us and we will try to find a way to help you get your tub back to optimal condition!

30 day money back guarantee! Please see our return policy for more details.

Yes! We offer the larger size which is ideal for commercial settings as it can be used with 2 people at once. The chiller filtration system is also great for commercial settings.

Misuse of the chiller and cold plunge tub is not covered by the warranty. This includes the chiller being left under weather elements like rain, snow, under -10 C weather, not cleaning the chiller including the internal and external filters, and usage of chemicals beyond the recommended amounts. If the tubs are left under direct sunlight, the logo printing may fade. The tubs should not be overfilled with air. The single size tub should only be used by 1 person at a time, and the full size tub by 2 people at a time. Due to the weight of water in the full sie tub, the sides may bow out slightly - this is normal due to the weight of the water and can be avoided by regularly emptying your cold plunge tub.

The Nü breath tubs and chillers come in 2 separate boxes, and we recommend unloading it with two people.

Yes! Please contact us at for shipping quotes.